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Millers Oils

Motorsport is the ultimate proving ground for high performance gearbox oils, that is why we started cooperation with Millers Oils. Now Samsonas Motorsport Transmissions is official Millers Oils Partner. Millers Oils it self earned a place on the grid, with a strong and growing reputation based on the quality of oils and technical support.
We as a gearbox builder demand lubricants that will perform under the most extreme conditions. We work with them, developing technically advanced oils to boost performance, provide maximum protection and prolong gearbox life.


New gearboxes and gearkits

Samsonas Motorsport Transmission has developed 4 new sequential gearkits for the season of 2012. It is Evo9, Evo10, Subaru and Audi 01E. All these sequential kits can be assembled to stock housings with minor modifications. More information will follow soon.

Samsonas Motorsport, together with MML Sports UK, has developed totally new gearbox for Evo 10 group N and R4. This gearbox has been designed for extreme hard conditions. It has new profile and surface wider teeth for strenght, new selector profiles for smoother and precise shifting, new reverse system for reliability.

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